At Light Planet we are passionate about LEDs. This remarkable technology is one of the most effective ways to save energy without compromising on quality, not to mention, reducing carbon emissions and helping to preserve our planet.

Light Planet participates at the forefront of the global LED market, delivering advanced energy-efficient lighting solutions to a rapidly expanding range of customers through Australia and Europe.

Did you know that lighting can make up to 60-90% of a business' energy costs, adding to overheads and eating into profits? We assist in reducing energy costs through the implementation of LED lighting technology, saving money across your business.

Our expert team can work with your local wholesale supplier to help you choose the right products for your lighting scheme. Whether it be downlights, tube lights or flood lights, we have the right products for the job. 

Light Planet has close working relationships with the best global LED manufacturers, ensuring that we can offer our customers the most innovative and high-performance LED technology available in the world.

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Ceiling / Downlights / EMG
LED High Bay Lights
LED Tube Lights
LED Batten Lights
LED Flood Lights
SOLAR Lighting
Canopy Light
LED Streetlights
LED Panel Lights
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We distribute to a number of wholesale suppliers located within every state around Australia.

Should you require any further details on our product range, please get in contact with your closest distributor or feel free to call our offices anytime on 1300 533 489.


Please note, we do not sell products direct to public. You must purchase Light Planet goods through your local wholesaler.


Light Planet has close working relationships with a number of companies throughout Australia to ensure they continue to provide both a professional service and exceptional products. 


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